What I have already done:

My first professional shooting was in March 2011. A friend of mine offered it to me as a birthday present. Since I love fetish outfits I wanted to wear my different outfits for that particular day. Although it was quite difficult for me and he always had to tell me how to move, how to sit, how to look into the camera and so on, I was – and I still am – happy about the result. The pics are just great! Thanks Patric (Purple Art) for the present and thanks Umino for the assistance during the day!

The second shooting was in June 2011. A friend of mine had a special idea and invited me for the shooting with two other girls. It had to do with bondage suspensions. This was a great shooting as well. A great thanks to Joerg and Sloop.

The other shooting was the first one with a person I didn’t know before she contacted me. We went to an abandoned building. Her main idea was taking pictures of my tattoo, which I really love! Dania and me had a very nice and successful day, inspite it was really hard. The shoot took about 6 hours – but the outcome was worth it! Thank you Dania (Dania Reichmuth Photography) for the great impressions! I’m looking forward to the next one with her!

One shooting was with a beginner who asked me for tattoo pictures as well. We went to my tattoo artist’s studio and took the photos there. Afterwards we also went outdoors to take some pictures. It was a great and sunny day. We walked through the city and he took some photos in a public parking, in front of walls and so on.

You can see my pictures in the Gallery – comments are very welcome:)

What I am up to:

Whatever idea a photographer has, he can ask me. As long as I fit in the programm and it is a theme I can imagine to do – I will! I am not into porn and I will never participate for such shootings. It is not the thing I want to put a foot in.

Bondage, Fetish, Bodypainting, Fashion, Portraits, Bodyparts, Tattoos – this is what I like!

Things you may need to know before booking me:

Since I work 9 to 5 I am available on weekends and it needs to be planned in advance so that I can organise and prepare everything propperly. A modeling contract for every shooting is a must. You’ll find further information by clicking on the link!


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